Body Canvas Tattoo Amsterdam

Vinicius (Vinnie) Caldas

Tattoo Artist

I’m Vinicius (aka Vinnie), originally from Brazil, and have been tattooing for 15 years.

I had my own shops in Brazil and Bermuda (where my wife is from) and have recently been travelling, working as a guest artist in the UK, Portugal, Germany, and the Netherlands for the past few years. Finally, I’m back at the point of having my own shop.

I love Amsterdam for it’s history, inspirational art, and multicultural people. I got presented with this amazing opportunity I couldn’t refuse: to bring my dream of having a shop where I can receive friends and other artists from all over the world.

I have developed a diverse portfolio including colour, black and grey, watercolour, tribal, portraits, and realistic. I commit to a high standard of hygiene, with all relevant infection control certificates. As well, I always ensure to provide professional and friendly customer service and consistent high quality pieces.

I am always open to exploring guest artists as I enjoy collaborating with other artists who share these values.