Body Canvas Tattoo Amsterdam

Body Canvas, as the name says, invites you to express your creativity using your body as a canvas.

Vinnie, the co-founding tattoo artist from Brazil, has 15 years experience including the past few years traveling and tattooing in several countries. From this background he will bring a network of international artists to collaborate with diverse styles, skills, and cultures.

The tattoo ideas range from meaningful designs like symbolism, memorial and religious, as well as souvenirs, as beauty accessories on the body. We are passionate about helping each individual translate their stories and ideas into a unique and personal design.

Serving the artistic vision, we also value the hygiene and safety of our customers, as well as respect for the tattoo industry and other tattoo artists, especially the pioneer artists who paved the way for tattooing to be where it is today. We welcome you to come by and add a piece of art to your body and use it as a canvas.

Contact Info

+31 6 27164147 (WhatsApp or call)

Opening Hours

Open 7 days a week

11am — 7pm (for walk-ins and appointments)

Located at

Lil' Amsterdam Passage inside the Central Station

Going into the station through the main entrance, the Lil' Amsterdam Passage is on the far right, under Starbucks

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